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Concrete Rehabilitation and Repairs

Reinforced concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials due to a number of characteristics. The reality, however, exists that failures in reinforced concrete structures occurs as a direct result of reinforcement corrosion, concrete deterioration and operational damages. 

Some of the most important causes of corrosion of reinforcement steel are the ingress of ions, chloride and carbon dioxide, to the steel surface of the reinforcement. 

Corrosion lead to an increased surface area of the reinforcement steel which further results in the cracking of concrete. Crackprogression further results in larger and more extensive cracks and spalling of the concrete due to the progressive deterioration of the reinforcement.     

We focus on reducing the progressive deterioration of reinforced concrete structures through damage repair solutions and the application of specialised products to ensure end users achieve optimal performance and extended operational cycles out of their reinforced concrete structures.