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Abrasive Blasting and Industrial Scale Paining

We offer a wide range of specialised coatings services to maintain and protect the internal and external surfaces of all processing, transporting and storage systems against corrosion. This service is led by an experienced NACE-qualified management team using specialised equipment and a variety of blast media and UHP water jetting to achieve the profile and cleanliness required for coating systems.

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Asbestos Removal

TMS-Redec is a registered asbestos removal contractor and certified to remove asbestos installations such as roof sheets, ceilings and other structures. 

Our skilled and trained employees and our equipment, processes and procedures are fully compliant with all relevant governing laws, rules and regulations.

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Catalyst Handling

We are equipped to provide a mobile service in fresh, inert and hazardous conditions, using the latest intergraded life support equipment imported from Europe, for the efficient and safe handling of catalysts used by the petrochemical and processing industries.

Our service includes sock and dense loading, manual or gravity loading, vacuumation, screening and skimming of reactors, reformers, vessels and acid plant converters.

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Chemical Cleaning

The chemical cleaning service we provide is perfectly suited to improve heat flow and restore performance parameters of industrial boilers, heat exchangers and other associated equipment.  Also suitable to control and prevent corrosion on pipe work and other metal surfaces.

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Cold Cutting

Our cold cutting service use a remotely controlled system of ultra-high-pressure pumps with abrasives injected into the water stream, that can cold cut steel and concrete or composite materials. It cuts cleanly with no burr, slag or warping, which means less dust, noise and heat than from any other cutting methods. With the lowest probability of acting as an ignition source, it is suitable for use in hazardous environments. 

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Concrete Rehabilitation and Repairs

Reinforced concrete is one of the most widely used construction materials due to a number of characteristics. The reality, however, exists that failures in reinforced concrete structures occurs as a direct result of reinforcement corrosion, concrete deterioration and operational damages. 

Some of the most important causes of corrosion of reinforcement steel are the ingress of ions, chloride and carbon dioxide, to the steel surface of the reinforcement. 

Corrosion lead to an increased surface area of the reinforcement steel which further results in the cracking of concrete. Crackprogression further results in larger and more extensive cracks and spalling of the concrete due to the progressive deterioration of the reinforcement.     

We focus on reducing the progressive deterioration of reinforced concrete structures through damage repair solutions and the application of specialised products to ensure end users achieve optimal performance and extended operational cycles out of their reinforced concrete structures.

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Epoxy and Specialised Floor Coatings

For shopping centres, warehouses, factories, apartment blocks, office parks, hotels and security complexes, we assess the traffic the floor will expected to handle; then we recommend and provide the industrial floor coating solution to meet the demand, from epoxy screeds (5-6mm thick) and self-levelling epoxy (3-6mm thick) to high build epoxy flooring (1-2mm thick), including removing any existing epoxy or substrate before application.

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Fire Proofing

Fire Proofing – using passive fire protection materials to insulate steel structures from the effects of the high temperatures that may be generated in case of a fire, improves safety standards in the petrochemical, oil, gas and energy sectors. The two types of fire-proofing we typically provide are non-reactive (boards and sprays) and reactive (such as thin film intumescent coatings which can be applied both on or off-site.)

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Heavy metal removal, power tooling, sandblasting and repairs to marine vessels

Heavy metal removal, power tooling, sandblasting and repairs to marine vessels – because we understand corrosion and how to maximise the performance of coatings in salt-intensive, corrosively aggressively environments, we can put new life into ships.

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High Pressure Washing

Our fleet of specialised water jetting machines consist of equipment ranging from 250 psi to 40 000 psi (3,500 bar). Ultra-high-pressure power washing effectively cleans internally and externally, every millimetre of any structure, boilers, heat exchangers, fin fan and bundles, pipe and tubes, containers and marine vessels.

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Industrial Cleaning Vacuumation and Waste Removal

Our fleet of 17 stainless steel vessel vacuum trucks are purpose built for heavy duty industrial cleaning and well-suited for the safe removal and transportation of solid and liquid waste, toxic sludge and hazardous or combustible effluents.

Our trucks are manufactured by internationally recognised manufacturers for chemical resistance and fitted with ring suction and blowers for liquids, dry-type suction and blowers for dry granular materials and hydraulically operated rear dump doors for quick waste offload.

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Industrial Fire Prevention and Suppression

We offer fire prevention solutions using fibre technology for applications such as conveyors, server and IT equipment, warehouses, substations, storage facilities and more.

We also offer fire detection and suppression for industrial and mining plant applications such as conveyors, substations, construction vehicles, generators, hydraulic power packs, transformers, silo’s and cyclone, and industrial machinery.

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Industrial Scale Specialised Corrosion Protection Coatings and Linings

When applied correctly, on properly prepared surfaces, modern paint and protection products can improve durability and extend maintenance intervals and even extend the lifespan of a structure such as a silo or storage tank, indefinitely. Especially where structures and substrate are exposed and the environment is corrosively aggressive, through correct application of products to meet the environmental conditions and challenges, performance is optimised because improved durability ultimately reduces costs.

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Insulation and Cladding

We specialiase in the design, supply and installation of hot, cold and acoustic insulation and cladding systems. We have thoroughly proven techniques for insulation effective between -200° and 1000° Celsius. Limpet spray is extensively applied at the power generation plants on the LP and HP turbine casings as the best means of insulation.  We are the only service provider in the Secunda area with a computerised cladding fabrication and form work machine.

We are experts at cutting material perfectly for kit-form assembly onsite, which drastically reduces installation times.

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Kwikstage, Ringlock and Layher Access Scaffolding

TMS-Redec has in excess of around 7 200 tonnes of scaffolding, which is a combination of Kwikstage, but primarily Ringlock Access Scaffolding. The Ringlock Scaffolding design has numerous advantages in terms of safety and productivity. Due to the small number of components, the design allows for faster assembly and fewer required tools. Our scaffolding is adaptable and versatile and we are able to erect safe scaffolding solutions in the quickest possible turn-around time. Our scaffolding solutions have been used by clients in various industries including Petrochemical, Mining, Power Generation and Construction.

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Rope Access

Plant configuration and restricted work areas can lead to access nightmares. No matter the service, we provide additional access solutions to the norm to ensure that any impact on customer operations are kept to a minimum. Rope access services include inspections, abrasive blasting, UHP blasting, painting as well as concrete rehabilitation and repairs.

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Tank Desludging and Cleaning

We offer an all-inclusive tank desludging and cleaning service, from fixed roof tanks, floating roof tanks, horizontal and vertical tanks to tanks containing any hydrocarbon or chemical products. Once desludging has been completed tanks are high pressure water jetted to ensure a gas free condition for hot work.

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